Insekten, Blumen & Steine

Hallo Leute!

Bei dem tollen Wetter habe ich wieder ein paar Fotos gemacht. Hier sind einige davon, weitere befinden sich in meiner Fotogalerie. 🙂
Genießt das Schöne Wetter und den freien Donnerstag!

Liebe Grüße,









Bestäubter Stempel


7 Kommentare zu “Insekten, Blumen & Steine

      • Have you heard of image stacking? If you have lots of disk space, you set your camera with a macro lens on a tripod and do several photos of the image starting with the focus at the back of the image, taking a frame, moving the focus slightly forward, taking another frame, until you have done several images of the subject, that are focused from one end of the subject to the other. Then you stack the images using Photoshop, or better Helicon Focus and the resulting macro image has incredible depth-of-field. I don’t do it much anymore because all the images take up too much disk space. If you search „image stacking“ on my blog and you can see a few examples.


      • Aaaah very interesting technique! I have to try it someday but I don’t think that there’s a way for using it on moving insects…. Also my macro lense is very heavy so that my tripod has problems with holding it!

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      • Image stacking works best with still objects. I’ve never had much luck doing macro on moving insects. Sounds like you need a better tripod! 😉

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